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about me


So how did a guy like me get into wedding photography?

I love stories.  It's undoubtedly the greatest driving force that pushes me in the creative realm.  Capturing a natural love story as it unfolds in front of me with just the littlest need to inject myself into it to make it "extra perfect?"  I cannot imagine a more delightful field for myself.

I’m not only a photographer, but an actor, writer, director, and cinematographer for over eight years.  This has allowed me to experience the story from every angle: from the story’s very inception, to bringing it to life behind the camera, to being a part of the story itself on-camera.


My preference is to focus on a timeless style.  While I will certainly employ up-to-date techniques,  I also make it a priority to ensure that the art we create will not date itself.  I want the images of you and your loved one to speak for themselves. Because the affection and love between two people will always be in trend.

I will have to warn you that I laugh.  A lot.  But who would say that they don’t love to laugh?  I can’t ever recall a shoot like that. Or maybe I chose to block it out.  A photo shoot, let alone a wedding, should be fun and enjoyable for all involved.  So please excuse the many cheesy jokes I’ll certainly be slinging your way.



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