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One fact that weddings keep reminding me is that it's all about the people. It didn't take me long to realize when I started wedding photography that it was the people in the frame who really made the photo and I have Jean and Ezra to thank for that. The beautiful dresses and handsome tuxes, the corsages and ceremony, are all wonderous and I love seeing them come together. But in the end, seeing and capturing that magic chemistry between two people as they bounce off each other, that's what I love most.


The couple were both in the seminary when they met and I think most people would be surprised at just how, well, cute they were in their little moments. One of the first things they told me about themselves was to let me know that they were a little bit of a "silly" couple. That didn't jive with my expectation with what "solmen folks" in the seminary were like, but they didn't need to try much to convince me. Thank you to Jean and Ezra for being such an amazingly fun couples to shoot and for just being so ridicuously perfect together.

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