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One of the first things Jean and Ezra told me was that they were a little on the fun and silly side and wanted to find a photographer who could click with them on that. I was certainly excited to hear that and had a brainstorming session the very next day with a creative partner of mine to come up with fun concepts to combine silliness with the idea of boardgames, as that's something Jean and Ezra had a significant bond over.


I ended up scouting over four locations before finding the perfect place to incoporate several ideas together in one spot. I wanted a location that had up to three different "scenes" within short walking distance so we could keep our energy up. Turns out they had more than enough of that and were even eager to try out some experimental concepts I hadn't had a chance to do with anyone else. Make sure to take a look at the photo at the end of this series. Quite a bit of work went into it and I'm incredibly grateful for both the opportunity to work with such a fun couple and for the chance they gave me to create that shot!


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