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Sizing up the flavor of a session beforehand is essential to a successful shoot. It's only after deciding on a mood and style with the couple can I begin scouting a location and handle other "logistical" plans. The time of day, color scheme of the scene, even the use of vertical versus horizontal framing of the shot are all things I consider once we get a feel for the mood. 

Kimberly and Mike struck me as a couple who would do well with a more casual narrative and I planned and entered the shoot accordingly.


Online scouting is never ideal but I was able to get a good idea of a location Kimberly suggested that would give us multiple looks if we needed it. They were particularly excited about an outfit idea that was both fun and meaningful to them. Quite frankly, I wasn't sure my camera would be able to handle the content matter of what they were asking, but I'm happy to report that my camera, in fact, DID NOT explode from having a Dodgers and Giants jersey so close to each other in the frame!

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