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What I love to hear are those unusal stories of how a couple came to be. It was especially fun to hear Sharon and Chris tell me theirs because looking at this stylishly chic couple most people would never have guessed that they met a World of Warcraft guild. And are still hardcore gamers to this day. I imagine I had the same reaction as you just did (though maybe with more cheering, as I tend to do).


As plans often go, we had to scrap the original idea of driving around San Francisco and instead head straight to the piers at the Embarcadero. In between the walk from the car to the pier, it was exciting to see their chemistry come alive even during such a mundane activity. I knew my job would be especially fun and easy if they were going to be like this all day. And they were.


On a side note, my engagement shoots always seem to occur on some of the coldest days around. And thank each and every couple for being such good sports about it. And I'd like to thank the weather, too, because needing each other to stay warm might be helping me out in the long run.

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