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When I found out that Siu-Wei was a dancer at my alma mater I knew we just had to do something with it, but before I could even decide she came up with the amazing idea of ballet at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco! Siu-Wei was in medical school out in New England while Man-Kin was off in Germany so they would be flying in for this shoot. Despite this, I didn't feel any pressure because I was just too in love with the idea. We actually ended up turning it into a two day shoot because the garden was a little too crowded for intimate moments and so I thought, hey, how about we just throw the graceful ballet theme right into the heart of San Francisco's business district admidst the steel and glass? Siu-Wei and Man-Kin were so warmed up in front of the camera that they were able to just rush right into the crowd for some amazing shots, garnering a lot of smiles from passerbys along the way. Definitely one of my most memorable and fun shoots to date!

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