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One thing I like about being a wedding photographer is always noticing and remembering something unique to the couples I meet. It's often not something I think about and certainly not something I try to do. Case in point. Despite the fact that Siu Wei came up with the amazing idea of a ballerina-themed engagement, I despite the fact that Man Kin hailed all the way from Germany, I think what I remember most about the couple is their smile. As in, singular, whenever they teased each other, goofed off together, laughed together. It may or may not be distinctive to some, but it's something I remember and think of immediately when I think of them. I love things like that.


This particular wedding was especially enjoyable for me to shoot because Siu-Wei decided to have it in a venue adjoining our old alma mater, UC Berkeley. If you had told me as an undergrad that I was going to end up shooting weddings, one of them right on campus and with someone I wouldn't meet until after I graduated.......well, I would've been totally just fine with that!

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